Saturday, 18 August 2007

Blue Bell Hill

I joined Blue Bell Hill Councillor Allan Sullivan today on one of his regular walkabouts and despite it being a little chilly I thoroughly enjoyed meeting local residents and discussing a plethora of local and national issues.

The main local issues raised today were changes to the bin collection service and a contentious planning application on Common Road.

On the changes to the bin collection, from September, a public meeting is being held on Wednesday 22 August at 7.30pm in the Village Hall to explain the changes. It is important to note that whilst there will be alternate weekly collections going forward of green and black bins, food waste can be put in either bin so effectively will continue to be collected weekly.

The other issue is the contentious planning application in respect of the land east of the Common Road Water Tower. The application is for the "change of use of the land to storage and stationing of a mobile home". Residents opposed to the application should write to the Planning Office at Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council citing Ref: 07/02245/FL.

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