Thursday, 5 July 2007

Sign the petition to save Maidstone A&E

A petition has been tabled on the No 10 website asking for the proposals to downgrade Maidstone A&E to be reconsidered.

The petition notes that

"Maidstone Hospital is to lose its blue-light service, the A&E department is to be downgraded, and services switched to Pembury. Pembury Hospital is old, inaccessible and in the centre of the town. Parking is difficult, transport to and from it is nigh impossible for those without cars, and there is no helicopter-pad for the air ambulance. Maidstone Hospital is only 20 years old, it has also been modernised and updated during that time, it is only a couple of years ago that the A&E department had an extensive update. The people of Maidstone don’t want it, the Borough and County Council asked for a reconsideration but Maidstone Hospital, which is part of the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust have decided that it will go ahead. We ask that this decision be seriously reconsidered".

The new Prime Minister says he wants to listen to the people, especially on issues like the NHS. Find out if, like the previous Prime Minister, Gordon Brown is all talk by signing the petition HERE.


Ben Sherreard said...

Thank you Tracey.

Hopefully tis can help us stop these ludicrous plans!

Cllr Ben Sherreard
Maidstone Borough Council Member for Loose

Anonymous said...

Thank you for highlighting this petition. I notice our Labour MP is very quiet on the matter !

Anonymous said...

These proposals will seriously affect the people of Aylesford Ward and the surrounding communities. I will do whatever I can to encourage people to sign. Thank you.

Cllr John Balcombe and
Cllr Dave Smith

Conservative Councillors for Aylesford
Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council