Saturday, 21 July 2007

Petitioning in the rain for a safe crossing to the park

This morning I went out with Princes Park Councillor Pat Gulvin in the pouring rain to get signatures for a petition calling on Medway Council to provide a crossing of some sort across Princes Avenue to get to Downland park play area. Whilst there are two crossings on Princes Avenue they are at either end of a long strip of fast road, with the play area slap bang in the middle. Residents spoke to me during the local elections campaign and said they couldn't let their children go to the park alone because they were too scared of them crossing the road. Pat and I went out last week and tried to cross the road our self and it was a case of literally running across the road. It was dangerous and convinced us that something had to be done. We collected nearly a hundred signatures today from local residents which Pat hopes to present to the Council this week. Hopefully we'll see something done soon.

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