Saturday, 14 July 2007

Inspector renews threat to Capstone Valley

Despite huge public opposition to Medway Magna's plans to build 9,000 houses in the Capstone Valley, the planning inspector appears to have opened the door to the proposals.

Medway Magna's proposals would see the building of a new estate as big as Lordswood, Walderslade and Princes Park combined! But since Conservative controlled Medway Council owns some of the land in the valley, the Council has pledged not to sell any council land in the valley for housing development.

However, at a second public examination last week, the Inspector asked the Council to re-write its core strategy for development because, it is reported, he was not satisfied that there was the right mix of homes and employment land in Council plans for regenerating Medway. The Council's plan is to accommodate new homes in brownfield areas, but the fear is that if the Inspector decides that not enough homes are planned there then other areas will have to be identified elsewhere - and that means Capstone Valley.

It doesn't help that we now have a Prime Minister intent on concreting over the South East, supported by our local Labour MP! I believe that there are enough brownfield sites in the Medway region to satisfy our housing needs, and instead of spending our time fighting against proposals like these, we should be enjoying and protecting our beautiful countryside for generations to come.

The petition to save Capstone Valley can still be signed online HERE.

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