Saturday, 14 July 2007

"An Election could not come soon enough"

I was out and about in Walderslade this morning talking to local residents about some of their concerns and not one but two people in succession, and completely unprompted, told me that a General Election "could not come soon enough". People feel tired of Labour and it is quite clear that, regardless of the attempts by the spin doctors, they don't think very highly of Gordon Brown. And why should they? His attempts to distance himself from the Blair administration are laughable. I listened to an interview with him this week when he said that his new Government was going to increase the number of grants available to University students.

Hold on a second.

Tony Blair's Government, of which Gordon Brown was Chancellor and therefore controlled spending of every Department in Whitehall, scrapped grants and introduced tuition fees. And now he wants to increase the number of grants available to people, so they can pay the tuition fees, that he introduced, in order to go to University. Announcing on the one hand that he is giving money whilst surreptitiously taking it away with the other hand is Brown trade mark. Thankfully, the public have more sense and are not fooled by this imaginative use of smoke and mirrors.

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