Friday, 8 June 2007

Student politics

This morning I went to my mum's old FE college, Mid-Kent College, to meet students on a course about public services. Many of the students plan to enter uniformed public services and part of their course teaches them about politics so I was delighted to be able to play my bit in their learning. I must confess though, speaking to students is somehow more nerve wracking than speaking to politically active adults. Anyway off I went into the classroom, and after a short introduction, the question and answer session begun.

Do I enjoy my job? (yes) What do I do in my spare time? (watch football, go to white hart lane - got a small cheer...or was it jeer?) What will I do to help public services? (cut red tape, targets and let the professionals get on with their job) What will I do about the high teenage pregnancy rate in Medway? ( sure what I can do personally)

It was fun. There was some spontaneous questions and it was clear who in the class were really interested in wider political issues but it was great to see (because I didn't know before) that students who are thinking about going into some sort of public service are being taught what their relationship will be with politicians and politics. I enjoyed it and look forward to going back.

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