Friday, 8 June 2007

Mayor Widdy?

Tonight I joined my neighbouring association Maidstone for a dinner to celebrate Ann Widdecombe's 20 years in Parliament. During the evening, Ann and Iain Dale did a local version of their highly successful and extremely funny UK wide tour of "An evening with Ann Widdecombe".

Ann and Iain work very well together on stage with Iain asking the awkward questions and Ann answering them in the straight but witty manner which everyone loves.

Guests were treated to a wonderful recital by the Maidstone Operatic Society, which Ann is President of, and who kicked off with a song especially for her...yep you guessed it..."Music of the Night". And the evening ended with Lord Sandy Bruce-Lockhart, a key activist and President of Maidstone Conservative Association, making a speech in which he rather mischievously suggested that after Westminster Ann might like to consider one more job in politics...Mayor of London. Ann versus that really would be the political contest to end on contests! She'd have them all sorted out in the Greater London Assembly in no time. Violence on the streets of London - I reckon she'd put Guilliani to shame. She shook her head but I wonder if she could be persuaded?

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