Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Joining the Olympic logo debate

The new London 2012 Olympics logo is, in my opinion, ghastly. It took me a while to actually recognise that it spelt out 2012 and even after that I don't really understand what it is supposed to portray - although there have been some rather rude suggestions in and out of the office today!

To be honest I am not sure why we needed a new logo in the first place. What was so wrong with the original London 2012 logo? But even more annoying is that it a cost of £400,000 of taxpayer to design! Surely this money could have been better spent on grassroot sports schemes which will help prepare young athletes for the Games and get others involved in sports as part of wider policies to combat crime and obesity?

There are much better designs to be found HERE, many of which highlight iconic images of London, would probably have taken half the time and for half the cost, and would at least have been appreciated and understood on the world wide stage.


Unknown said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Why spend that type of money on a terrible sign when the money could be better used to help promote excercise and help fight growing cases of obesiety.

Deirdre Alden said...

I think it's a terrible waste of money too! A friend and I were commenting on it earlier. I thought it portrayed a map of England (the white bit in the middle) with London marked (the dot in the centre). I didn't even notice it did spell out 2012 until you pointed it out, Tracey!! A total waste of money! Why didn't they have a children's competition to design something with tickets to the Olympics as a prize?
Deirdre Alden PPC Edgbaston

George Hollingbery said...


I completely agree on the price which is lunatic (I've commissioned logos for my companies for a fraction of the price) but, controversially, I actually rather like the end result.

The link you give to the BBC shows a couple of examples what I think we can expect. I'm pretty sure they're going to use all the bits to make hundreds of new characters over time.

We'll see.

Good luck to you in your campaign,

George Hollingbery, PPC Meon Valley