Saturday, 16 June 2007

Getting rid of graffiti

This morning, despite the occasional downpour, I joined Councillors Gulvin, Brake and Wildey on a graffiti clean up. We started off with a street sign to test out the equipment before hitting a wall tagged by "L B" on a busy roundabout, some lamp posts, a bus shelter, another street sign, some recycle bins tagged, and finally another street sign. Some required more scrubbing than others but it was well worth the elbow grease when all the graffiti had been removed - it felt good to stand back and admire how nice it all looked again.

(Sadly, the graffiti on the windows behind is on private property so we couldn't clean it off too).

(hmmm not a very attractive sight!!!)

(All gone...)

(sparkling clean!)

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Anonymous said...

Love the pink marigolds. They really suit you. Are they conservative party standard issue?