Sunday, 13 May 2007

Winning Cups at Cobdown

Exasperated by Brown, I jumped in the car and headed to Cobdown Sports Club in the pouring rain. I was planning on going to watch England Ladies play their UEFA qualifier at Gillingham Football Club but local girls' football team, Meridian Girls FC, had 3 teams - the under 10s, 11s and 14s - in a huge cup tournament so went to watch them instead. It was amazing. Despite the driving rain, hundreds of girls and the travelling support from parents and friends turned up to watch teams from across the county compete.

I know I have said it elsewhere on my Blog about the quality of football but again I saw some wonderful skill and determination from young girls, some of whom I am convinced will reach the highest echelons of girls football. I saw girls of ten and eleven run down the wings and float perfectly weighted balls into the box; I saw goalkeepers make amazing saves; and I saw one Meridian player score a goal Robbie Keane would have been proud of. All helped by the wonderfully well kept football pitches at Cobdown.

I always loved playing in the rain and today I enjoyed watching some brilliant football in it too. And as for Meridian Girls FC: the under 10s and under 14s both won trophies, but unfortunately the under 11s just lost out in extra time. Nevertheless they all played fantastically - well done girls.

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