Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Lady T and me

Tonight I attended a fantastic function at which I met Lady Thatcher. I have met her before - once during the 1997 Election when she re-visited her famous "Walk in the Wilderness" in Teeside, and more recently at a function at the Guildhall in London. She asked me where I was candidate for and when I replied Chatham & Aylesford, she reminded me she had herself been a candidate in Kent for the Dartford constituency. I am told by a local councillor that she also tried to become the candidate for Maidstone many years ago but was laughed out of the room for being a woman!

Despite her age and health she circulated the room like a pro - she had men and women of all ages held in utter awe as she engaged in small talk. And I was reminded as to why when I was a school girl she was admired by many women around me - not necessarily for her politics but for her achievement in such a male dominated industry. She is an inspiration to female candidates (quite possibly across all political parties) and it was wonderful to meet her again.


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