Wednesday, 23 May 2007

David Cameron's Sports Lecture

Last night I attended the annual Sports Industry Group Annual Dinner and Lecture, at which David Cameron was the guest speaker. David immediately confessed to not being a sports fanatic but instead a sports enthusiast, and indeed it was quite clear that he had witnessed some pretty spectacular sporting occasions in his youth. He also confessed to being an Aston Villa fan which I hadn't realised [note to self: read Cameron biog that has been sitting on coffee table for past month], but then apart from him, Prince William and the Governor of the Bank of England, I don't think I know another Villa fan.

Sports policy is currently being developed by Cameron's incredibly able shadow Minister and Kent MP, Hugh Robertson. Many in the sports industry know and like Hugh for being a politician who listens to their issues and often acts in a non-partisan manner when taking up a sporting cause.

During his lecture David Cameron covered a wide ranging set of issues and I was pleased to hear him he say that a Conservative Government would return the levels of Lottery funding for sport back to its original state, since money previously allocated for sporting good causes is now going elsewhere. Furthermore, I was delighted to hear him pledge to end the "all must have prizes" culture, whereby everyone is awarded for taking part diluting a sense of competition from an early age. It is an issue that business is equally concerned about so I am sure will be well received outside last night's lecture audience.

As a sports fanatic I was really pleased to hear David's views last night. I think there is a lot more to come and I for one am very much looking forward to hearing it.

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