Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Carrot Cake on your hands...

Apparently in last week's The Apprentice, the challenge was to learn how to barter on a list of items in an attempt to show negotiation skills. So as afternoon hunger pangs for something sweet arrived later than usual in the office, we decided to test whether competitors passed the challenge with the help of a camera crew or whether it was something that really could happen.

Our very own apprentice was dispatched to the nearby coffee house with a £5 note to see how much cake he could get at a cut down price. And to our surprise he returned with FOUR pieces of Carrot Cake thus paying £1.25 per slice - a whole 75p less than the usual retail price and making an excellent saving of £3.

However the cries of excitement and anticipation amongst the female quarter of the office were quelled somewhat when the aforementioned apprentice told us that his cake bartering seems likely to have led to the telling off of a poor coffee house worker.

The unfortunate cake barter tale goes something like this:

Apprentice: Can I get those 4 pieces of carrot cake left for £5?

Coffee lady: hmmm, I don't know if I can do that.

A: oh go on, it will save you cleaning up at the end of the day...

CL: oh ok then.

Apprentice hands over money in exchange for yummy cake

Meanwhile Coffee Man arrives...

CM: what are you doing? you can't do that?

CL: is ok...

CM: [raised voice] no it is not allowed...

CL to A: just take them and go...

A: are you sure?

CL: yes, don't worry it is fine.

A: OK...thanks...[leaves quickly with goods]

* * *

Our apprentice, who is one of the nicest Lib Dems I have ever met, and who also has a sweet tooth as impressive as a girl's, is now unable to eat any of the carrot cake because he feels SO guilty about the poor coffee lady. So while he survived the challenge, it looks like the lady, in the words of Sir Alan Sugar, could be FIRED.

ps - our apprentice is popping by coffee house on way home to check employment status of lady.

pps - we have saved him some carrot cake for tomorrow...

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