Friday, 4 May 2007

3AM update - a good start

I have two counts - Medway tonight and Tonbridge & Malling tomorrow morning. In the Chatham & Aylesford constituency the key target wards in the Medway half were Walderslade and Princes Park. Tonight we won both seats in Princes Park with Labour trailing behind and we won one of the two Independent seats in Walderslade. So three out of our four targets won - which is great. Encouragingly the two Lords Wood & Capstone candidates increased their majorities quite substantially and our three candidates in the safe Labour ward of Chatham Central polled a combined 1700. At the time of writing the overall make up of Medway Council was still to be declared but in the meantime I send my warm congratulations to new Conservative Councillors Bright, Gulvin and Brake and re-elected Councillors Jarrett and Wildey.

UPDATE: The Conservatives have increased their majority on Medway Council whilst Labour lost 3 seats. The turnout was higher than expected at 37.5%.

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