Saturday, 21 April 2007

Wasps and underpants

Out early this morning with Richard Allan, our candidate in Ditton. There have been some problems with anti-social behaviour in some of the streets we canvassed today and almost every door we knocked on raised the issue. Was a good opportunity to talk about the Conservative Party's proposals to reform the police which will get them out from behind the desk and on the streets dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour.

I am not sure if it is to do with the warm weather but I had more people than usual answer the door in their dressing gowns, and two chaps answer the door in their underpants! One was a first time voter who had waited ages to be able to cast a vote (I sympathised - I was 18, a year after the 1992 General Election); and the other was a middle aged man who poked his head around the door and said "I've only got my pants on" to which I quickly replied "It's OK, it's not the first time that's happened!!". Anyway he said he was going to vote Conservative so I didn't need to stay on his doorstep for very long.

Then a few doors down I was talking to a rather disillusioned voter and midway through him telling me he thought the Falklands War was a mistake and a HUGE wasp decided to attack me (OK, it might have just buzzed nearby but it was definitely eyeing me up for a full scale sting operation). Having run around like a bit of a numpty, the man came to my rescue and swatted it away. I made my excuses, a little bit embarrassed by my pathetic behaviour, and left the chap to his musings about the war...

After lunch, I headed up to Walderslade for an afternoon canvass. I ended up being given the cards for a street which had street level houses on one side but on the other the houses had an average of 20 steps to each front door. At least four houses I knocked on had 54 steps to climb up - and I think all but one were out!! One lady, who I would estimate to be in her early 60s, opened her door to me and just burst into laughter at the sight of someone with a clipboard catching their breath back! Thankfully she was a "probable" so at least it was worth it. I've worked out that 65 houses, with an average of 20 steps to each front door, means I have climbed 1300 steps today...which in my mind justifies the cold glass of white wine I am now sipping happily.

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