Sunday, 1 April 2007

Spurs - "Football's Only Good Guys"

Just back from White Hart Lane from watching Spurs dominate play in a thrilling one nil win over Reading.

But more impressive than the win is a story in the Matchday Programme about a new long term charity commitment in Africa which is being funded by monies received from players' fines. What a brilliant idea. Apparently five years ago the Club elected to ring-fence players fines rather than absorb them directly into the Club's accounts. Now they intend to use the money to support SOS Children's Villages in South Africa, a children's charity for orphaned and abandoned children.

And now it is reported that Tottenham are registered the most charitable club - or as one headline read the other day: "Football's Only Good Guys". According to the Premiership Giving League, Spurs donated over £4.5m, or 6.1% of its annual turnover, to charity last year. Middlesbrough, Everton, and Sheffield United were next in the League, followed by Charlton Athletic who do a great deal of local community work in Kent.

Unbelievably the Premiership's richest clubs - Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal, all gave less than o.o6% of their turnover with Arsenal only 0.02%. In fact, what those 3 clubs gave to charity in the whole of 2006 would barely cover Shevchenko's salary for 3 weeks.

The Spurs fans left the Lane today proud of the players who fought for 90 minutes to win the game and take us up to sixth spot. Based on all the community and charity work the Club does, the fans should be proud to support Spurs every day.

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Anonymous said...

Tracey, I was incredulous to see the words "Spurs" and "good" together in the same headline but then I noticed the date on which you'd posted the article.

You're such a joker!