Thursday, 19 April 2007

Medway Council - Questions on Capstone

I attended Medway Council this evening and asked the (Conservative) Leader of the Council what it is doing to protect Capstone Valley from the proposed Medway Magna housing development and whether the believed, like me, that one of the greatest problems we face is our protests being ignored because of the Government's determination to concrete over Kent.

The Leader said that the Conservative led council were very much against the proposed development and would do absolutely everything possible to prevent it from going ahead. It was a shame that whilst he gave his reply the Labour group were being incredibly noisy giving the impression that they were not supportive of any defence against the development.

A bit later on, and elsewhere in the proceedings, a Labour Councillor stood up and advised that the local Labour MP had "phoned a Minister whilst holidaying in Devon, who answered his phone and gave some answers". What those answers were nobody was told? The identity of the holidaying Minister during term time was not revealed? And why the local MP feels he can have a word with a Minister on this planning issue, but not on the Eccles sewage works, because as he told a packed public meeting it doesn't work like that, is also a mystery.

Thousands of people have signed the petition against Medway Magna's plans to turn Capstone Valley into a massive housing estate. The Valley rightly deserves to be labelled an area of outstanding natural beauty and, politics aside, should be defended and protected from development.

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