Friday, 27 April 2007

McJobs for MPs

I was heartened to read the diary story in today's Telegraph about a Tory MP and a Labour Minister who during question time in the Commons both confessed to working in McDonald's.

I worked in McDonald's during my A-Levels and University in order to earn some extra money for my studies. And before anyone asks, yes I did get all my gold stars and rose to become a floor manager before I eventually left for full time employment in London. I loved working at McDonald's. The people I worked with had different educational, physical and social abilities but the training standards and working flexibility meant that everyone was a part of one team - and usually a very happy one at that. And since my sister married my manager, McDonald's remains a very large part of my personal life.

I challenge anyone who mocks McDonald's employees to go work a busy lunch shift, produce hot burgers, fries, drinks and apple pies to a hungry queue of people in less that 2 minutes per customer. I bet you won't mock again.

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Darrell said...

McDonalds has helped pioneer employment practices based on low pay and few rights coupled with arduous production-line work. And on top of this they've pioneered, world-wide, a psychology of control over their 'crew' to motivate their young workers to identify with idiotic company goals rather than their own individual and collective needs and rights. Many other companies are now following McDonald's example. You'd do well to read McSpotlight.