Saturday, 28 April 2007

Canvassing and Earthquakes

What a day! I woke up this morning to the news of an earthquake in the town in went to school. Growing up near Folkestone I experienced not one but two hurricanes, amazing thunderstorms and regular flooding caused by a stormy Channel, but never an earthquake! My gran still lives in Folkestone and she said the tremors nearly threw her out of bed - fortunately she is OK albeit a little bit shaken.

So onto Aylesford where the team were being met by our MEP Richard Ashworth and his wife Sally. The Lib Dems hold Aylesford with a very slim majority but John Balcombe and Dave Smith have been working very hard and are involved in some extremely controversial local issues. I am sure their hard work will pay off on Thursday. Richard and Sally joined us for a few hours and we managed to canvass a large part of the patch as a result of the extra hands. Unfortunately I forgot to put some sun cream on this morning before leaving the house, so I am rather pink this evening.

After canvassing I headed up to Chatham. I often hear people say that there is not very much for children to do, which is why they end up hanging around street corners causing trouble. So it saddens me to learn that tomorrow a huge indoor (and supervised) skate park, used by hundreds of children, is being closed tomorrow. One of the skaters asked a question at the Council recently and rather eloquently made the point that whilst there is another outdoor skate park a mile or so away it is unsupervised, it is not all-weather and it ends up covered in graffiti, glass, needles and other unsavoury materials. I hope that the skaters' protests will be heard and that a satisfactory solution is sought, otherwise we'll just end up with more bored children hanging out on the streets - precisely what everybody complains about.

Finally, I was trained on the new computer system used to calculate how many of your pledges have voted on polling day. Gone are the days of the No Carbon Required (NCR) system - the system I was politically weened on. It is going to be strange in the Committee Rooms on Thursday without the ruler, multi-coloured paper, pens and coded maps. Oh, I feel old!

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