Saturday, 31 March 2007

Springtime in Lordswood

I had a lot of fun on the doorsteps of Lordswood this morning. I had a new member with me today helping to gather support for our candidates in the local elections and so my job was to show her the ropes.

We were allocated a really lovely set of roads and as we pulled up I was explaining what I say and how important it is to try not to get engaged in long conversation otherwise you don't get all your canvass sheets done. So of course what happens is I end up getting engrossed in very pleasant conversation at several houses and we only managed to complete two streets! I didn't help that well over half the houses had dogs, which of course always means a pat for the dog and a quick conversation about breed etc. One house had a pure white fluff ball laying in the hallway which I was convinced was a cuddly toy for the border collie that had come to the door until it rolled over!

The major issue today was the proposed development in Capstone Valley, which I have previously written about on this blog. The petition against the development has been signed by thousands of people - as it was when Medway Magna tried unsuccessfully to get planning permission to build houses last time around. The residents I spoke to today just thought that the developers had ignored the opinions of people and were trying bully boy tactics to get their way. The Council is against these proposals and hopefully Medway Magna will fail again at getting planning permission.

At least two households told me that Blair has run this country into the ground and that they were thinking of emigrating. There is genuine dissatisfaction with this Labour Government on so many levels but one man stood out today after he told me that after Gordon Brown's budget he was £200 per year worse off -and as a pensioner who had worked hard all his life, paid his taxes and never broken the law once, he was pretty annoyed and who could blame him?

And finally I met another Crouch today. I didn't realise what a good Kentish surname I have!

All in all a good day's canvassing in the lovely spring sunshine.

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