Saturday, 3 March 2007

Out and about in the winter sun...

Yesterday and today I have been out and about in a winter sun-drenched constituency - and it has put me in such a good mood. I have been out delivering leaflets and knocking on doors in Snodland followed by a delivery in a rather hilly part of Chatham! I really feel the cold so on winter mornings like today I put on my layers, scarf and gloves but within 5 to 10 minutes I was taking them all off again.

It was great to be joined today by one of our newest council candidates Les Withey. He only got into politics a few months ago and today was his first time out on the doorsteps. He was paired with me and so having introduced him to the art of knocking on doors he was off with incredible and impressive enthusiasm. Before he could say "I am calling on behalf of the local conservatives..." the main issues vexing local residents were being explained and repeated at almost every doorstep. Rather than shy away in fear of what the job entails he made his notes and promised to do something about it. Good man.

It is clear from conversations on the doorsteps that people are getting really fed up with the Labour Government - or as one lady put it "as soon as that Gordon Blair [sic] goes the better".

I met a fellow Crouch on my rounds today - no relation - and had a lovely chat. And another asked me if I was related to a different Crouch who used to live in Snodland: it seems there is a good strong Crouchy link in the town - I wonder if my Dad knows?!

No cakes this week, but I did kick a stray football back rather spectacularly to a group of lads much to their surprise and amusement. Even now I still think boys reckon girls can't kick a ball!

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Princes Park Conservatives said...

Hello Tracey,

The roads in Chatham were not that hilly!! but I (Matt Bright) was grateful.
There are plenty more hills to tackle in the ward of Princes Park, so I hope your feeling fit in the coming weeks!!