Saturday, 17 March 2007

More A&E

I have been out and about in the Aylesford end of the constituency today and the number one issue on the doorsteps is the A&E. There is genuine concern from people of all age groups about how the decision to downgrade the service is going to affect them. From what I can gather, it seems that once these changes are implemented - which could be as early as September - someone who has a heart attack will probably go to Maidstone A&E, but if someone has a car accident on the M20, even if it was at junction 5 closest to the hospital, they would still have to go all the way to Pembury in an ambulance. Even a blue light would be pushing it to get to Pembury from the M20 in less than 20 minutes - for a normal driver it is nearer 40 minutes.

This is a ludicrous decision and I sincerely hope that an appeal to the Secretary of State will be lodged soon.

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