Thursday, 15 March 2007

Maidstone A&E

I am disappointed to learn that West Kent Primary Care Trust have approved plans to downgrade Maidstone A&E and instead send most emergency cases to the Kent & Sussex Hospital in Tunbridge Wells.

The protests of many people in Aylesford and neighbouring villages have basically been ignored. I joined 100s of people in Mote Park in early December to campaign against this proposal because people are genuinely worried that if they suffer some kind of accident which requires emergency care they will not be able to get to the Tunbridge Hospital to be treated quickly enough. A&E consultants themselves told the PCT Board that up to 60 lives per year could be lost if they downgraded the department's services - and yet they have been ignored.

These cuts are being driven simply by the need to meet budgets, not to provide adequate health service care for residents in Maidstone and the surrounding areas. For the sake of all those who unfortunately one day might need to use the A&E at Maidstone Hospital, I urge KCC to refer this decision to the Health Secretary at the earliest opportunity.

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