Saturday, 24 March 2007

A hill of a delivery

A friend from London joined me today to help deliver our latest leaflet in Princes Park Ward. I told him delivering leaflets is a great form of exercise and will save him a trip to the gym this weekend. After today I am not sure either of us need to go to the gym for the rest of the week...or next week for that matter!

We arrived to pick up the leaflets, and after being given some toast and coffee, were given a box of 650 leaflets and a map. Off we went...and it was when we arrived that we had been given the area with the most hills, most steps and weirdest layout of housing in the whole constituency. Almost every house had steps leading up or down to the letterbox, and the roads themselves were pretty much set at a 45 degree angle. Three hours after setting off we finished, windswept, rosy cheeked and extremely hungry. After all his effort I bought my friend a delicious albeit late pub lunch to say thank you - and also sorry!

Sights of the day: a house completely painted purple; kids forgoing a game of football in the streets for a game of golf instead; and the huge dog trying to bite my fingers off as I put a leaflet through the frosted glass front door...

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Princes Park Conservatives said...

That purple house at the top of Heron Way has been all sorts of colours over the years.
You can see that house for miles from every angle of the Princes Park ward.