Monday, 5 March 2007

Go Girls...

I have just read a wonderful story in the junior football section of the Kent Messenger. Aylesford Girls Under-12s recently recorded their 16th straight win with a 7-0 victory over Dartford, giving them a 100% record in the Kent Girls League Division 2. From the match report it sounds like the girls played superbly despite extremely muddy conditions. Well done girls.

Sadly I am unable to find any online and up to date record of either the club or the league so I will have to wait until the KM comes out this week to find out if they have continued with their winning form.

It is wonderful that the facilities and training are available to girls of all ages these days. At primary school I was not allowed to play football and I went to an all girls secondary school where despite having acres of wonderful playing fields, we could only do netball, hockey, tennis and athletics. I had to wait until I went to university to be trained properly or play competitively. Now, women's football is the fastest growing sport in the UK, and it is grassroot level clubs for girls, like Aylesford's, that will hopefully propel the sport to a new competitive and trophy winning high.

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Anonymous said...

I came across your blog through a leaflet that was posted through my door. Perhaps you could tell us why we are hearing nothing from David Cameron and the Conservatives at a time when our entire way of life seems under threat from New Labour. Yesterday we had the proposals to let bailiffs break into our houses and take what they want. Last week it was fingerprinting every 11 year old. Trial by jury abolished for fraud cases and that's the tip of the iceberg. Ancient rights embedded in Magna Carta being shredded. People being thrown int prison with no charge. Tracking boxes proposed for private cars, biometric passports with an ID card interrogation centre in Maidstone. Council inspectors photographing inside our houses. DNA swabs being taken from all the population.

These issues make the NHS and global warming look distinctly inconsequential yet we hear nothing in the way of opposition from the conservatives. If the pace of destruction of freedoms continues at this rate it will be too late by the next election (that's assuming we even get one) and Gordon Brown is even more draconian than Blair by all accounts. The future is beginning to look quite frightening, especially with no-one to oppose these measures bar a handful of journalists (the BBC has already capitulated) and a few dissident spokesmen. If Cameron hasn't got the stomach for the fight he should stand down and make way for someone who has before it's too late.

Take a look at RIchard Littlejohn's column on the Daily Mail site. The comments that follow his article on bailiffs are those of frightened and angry people who are looking for leadership. The fact that there is none forthcoming from the main opposition party will serve to drive New Labour even further and faster down the road to totalinarianism.