Monday, 19 March 2007

FA cup frustration part 2

They say you should never blog in anger but if I didn't write something about tonight's FA cup replay result, I know I'd get bombarded with emails tomorrow.

Spurs have a pretty poor record against Chelsea but after losing a 3-1 lead in the first round, and never quite getting into the flow of the game this evening with few shots on target, it is hardly a surprise we are not in the Semi-finals. I am disappointed to say the least. And, whilst I am a huge fan of Jol, I am not quite sure why he was playing Lennon in midfield in the first half - he is at his most dangerous on the wings, as demonstrated in the second half.

So now our only hope of silverware is by first beating the best team left in the UEFA cup. Hmmmm. At least Aylesford Girls Under 12s are still undefeated in the league and look set to win something this season.


Anonymous said...

Much sympathy on the result, I agree about Lennon he should be played on the wing. We went out in the semi-finals a couple of years back and I felt much the same. Good luck for the remaining silverwear!

Now, I may be wrong, as I'm new here, but you don't seem to be under 12! Do you coach the girls, or support?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey,

Just come across your blog through the faithful Mr Dale. As an ardent Blue (politicaly and football wise) i have to admire your guts to blog after last night. From the other side i thought that we would win and in the end the "big ticket" players did justify their places perhaps in the case of Subbuteo man for the first time. Jol is building a fine side and provided that you can resist becoming a feeder club (ie Berbatov to MU) you can look forward to really challenging in due coarse. In that i wish you no luck, in Chatham i wish you every good fortune!