Monday, 12 March 2007

A bright idea...but not an original one

I have just seen the news for the first time today and was surprised to see that Gordon Brown's leading idea to combat climate change is to get rid of the traditional lightbulb and replace it with energy-saving bulbs.

The reason why I am surprised is not because I am particularly opposed to the idea (I already use energy efficient bulbs where possible), but because this was agreed at the EU energy policy summit last week, attended by Tony Blair. So really it is quite incredible that the best plan or policy statement that Gordon Brown could come up with in order to match David Cameron on environmental issues is actually just a re-announcement of a Europe-wide agreement taken 3 days ago!

Incidentally the EU agreed to have all bulbs converted by 2009, unlike Gordon who wants high energy lightbulbs phased out two years later by 2011.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you noticed but Labour also came out with a plan to reduce carbon emissions by 60%. One of the presenters on Newsnight did a year long experiment and managed to reduce their carbon emissions by 20% after giving up their car, not flying, turning the heating down etc. etc. In fact making their life thouroughly miserable to acheive 20%. Imagine the privations to get to 60%. It would put us pretty well back to stoneage living conditions and bankrupt us in the process.

Have you also noticed the public opposition to all this climate change hysteria? Pretty well 95% of people think it is a scam judging from what I read on the internet (actually 100% on an LBC poll). It is at least a subject that is open to further investigation and debate before imposing draconian taxes and regulations on an already overtaxed and over regulated country. When you look at it in the cold light of day you have got two politicians in the shape of Dave Cameron and Gordon Brown saying that they can see into the future and control the weather. I have my doubts about that.