Sunday, 18 March 2007

Bob Woolmer

I was very sad to hear about the death of the cricket legend Bob Woolmer this evening. Bob played for Kent throughout his county career, making his debut in 1968 with a 50 not out. I never saw him play but a friend of mine once played in a game against him and spent the whole game diving around in the covers trying (unsuccessfully) to stop balls whizzing past him to the boundary.

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Anonymous said...

As a Pakistani fan, this is sad news.

Bob Woolmer was a great coach, with many pioneering ideas. Not just that, but a nice person. That was the main thing about him. I was just listening to a story on one of the Pakistani news channels, and one of the commentators said that whenever any Pakistani player would go to South Africa, he would invite them to his home. He even invited the Pakistani team for dinner during the SA tour.

He was willing to adapt to any culture. The main thing I liked about him was his relationship with the Pakistani players, you can tell through their coaching sessions, and photos what a relationship they had. It was a relationship of friendship.

He kept his own website and always tried to answer cricket fans questions.

He kept his own blog on cricinfo to keep fans updated, and about his ideas of the game of cricket.

He kept himself dignified throughout the various controversies in Pakistani cricket.

From what I saw, he was a true Gentleman.

Bob Woolmer Condolence book: