Saturday, 24 February 2007

Inconvenient moments...

On the whole, I really enjoy canvassing but there are moments of sheer embarrassment - and I had two of those today.

The first came half way through the morning when I knocked on a door and a man in his late 30s answered in just a t-shirt and boxer shorts, hiding his bottom half very badly behind his glass front door! I spluttered out "sorry to bother such an inconvenient moment"...before composing myself, focusing very hard on his face and then carried on with the rest of the script. I was delighted when he said he was a Conservative but hope I didn't offend him when I scuttled of pretty darn quick!

The second occurred when I knocked on a door only to discover the man I was about to talk to was the Lib Dem parish councillor - didn't mention it on the cards but was pleased to meet him anyway. The parish councils tend to be much less political and very close to the community so had no worries telling him I am looking forward to coming to a meeting in the near future.

It was a good morning all in all. A nurse told me that in 19 years of her living in her house I was the first person to knock on her door - she is very impressed with David Cameron. Had a nice chat with a West Ham fan who was preparing for the grudge match between Pardew and Curbishly (bet he is not happy tonight). And I even nearly managed to get cakes from one person who opened the door covered in icing sugar!


Anonymous said...

I remember canvassing in 2001 election and waking a nurse up after her night shift...if she wasn't wearing a fluffy dressing gown it could have been every boy's fantasy.

Anonymous said...


I notice the cakes didn't get as far as the rest of the Campaign Team.

Perhaps only Auburn Haired Beauties get free cake !

Anonymous said...

If you give me enough warning I will make sure I am completely naked when you knock on my door. I will always stand up for the conservatives!