Sunday, 25 February 2007

A good day for Spurs

Tottenham winning 4-1 against Bolton, Newcastle losing at Wigan and the Gooners losing to Chelsea in the Carling Cup equals a happy day all round for the Whites.

I didn't see the Spurs match this afternoon but I have read and heard reports saying that Dimitr Berbatov and Aaron Lennon were in fantastic form. It was a shame Robbie Keane (the fans' favourite) was sent off, especially since he was on a hat-trick, but credit to the other 10 players who didn't sit back and defend the lead - the usual Spurs response.

Martin Jol has come in for some stick recently but I just think this kind of result shows what a great manager he is.


Anonymous said...

You must have been pleased with all the results today. I suppose you were even happier with the Carling cup result considering that it was the same Arsenal semi-reserve team that humiliated you so badly in the semi-final.

Tottenham supporters take more pleasure from Arsenal losing than they do winning their own games.

Martin Jol a 'great manager' ? Do me a favour. You'll be saying Gordon Brown has a touchy-feely side to him next.

Anonymous said...

By the way - best of luck in the General Election.